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What system is used for sending users the non-expended money from the original cadastral portal?
The non-expended money will be sent to the users gradually, with reference to the application, which the user shall fill in and e-mail to the address katasterportal@skgeodesy.sk or by post to the address: Geodetický a kartografický ústav Bratislava, Chlumeckého 4, 827 45 Bratislava 212.

How do I find my account balance?
Account balance is necessary to be agreed with the administrators of cadastral portal at the address katasterportal@skgeodesy.sk.

How long do I have to wait until money is repaid to me?
In view of a great number of applications, which require physical verification and approval in order to avoid errors, the settlement of the applications will take several weeks. After having received your application we shall inform you via e-mail about the supposed term of your application's settling. In view of the highly time-consuming settling of a considerable number of applications we kindly ask clients for their patience.

Who shall I contact in case I have found any discrepancies in the registered data?
In case you have found discrepancies in the real estate cadastre registered data published on the Portal, please contact relevant district cadastral registry.

What is the difference between a registered and non-registered user? Who has the right to search over the whole territory of the Slovak Republic?
Registered users are entitled to search the cadastre data over the whole territory of SK, on the basis of full registration and agreement concluded with the operator. Full registration is intended for authorized users such as state organs, bodies active in criminal proceedings, executors, notaries, tax offices etc., which prove a legitimate interest based on the provisions of the body of laws of the Slovak Republic.
Non-registered users have the right to search the cadastre data in the extent of one cadastral district.

Who has the right to search the whole territory of the Slovak Republic?
Registered users, which are mainly state organs and authorized legal entities, entitled subjects such as bodies active in criminal proceedings, executors, notaries and tax offices, on the basis of full registration and agreement concluded with the operator, can use also another benefits, such as searching the whole territory of Slovakia and starting reports that are time consuming and demanding as far as the performance is concerned

Where do I find the list of territories, which have a vector map processed and can I view the territories on the map?
Please find information about the list of cadastral districts with a vector map on the Menu introductory page Data updating.

How often is data updated?
Data is updated in weekly intervals. The update date is displayed on the cadastral portal after a district or cadastral district have been specified.

What does the function of total values of sorts of lots mean?
Report of Total values of sorts of lots contains statistical reports of data for the parcels of register “C”:
Region (region code), district (district code), municipality (municipality code). Cadastral district (cadastral district code) and total areas in m2 according to single sorts of lots in a selected territory.

What procedure shall I follow if the searched owner is registered in the cadastre of real estates as unknown?
Answer how to solve this problem as well as different variants of Undetermined owners please find in part Help (section Undetermined owners) on the web site of the Cadastral Portal.

Will the time interval for creating a new report be reduced?
At present this possibility is not considered.

When a map can be displayed correctly, on which technical conditions?
Graphic part is displayed correctly in the Internet Explorer environment. When this part is used for the first time the installation of Autodesk Mapguide is carried out with a user. For using the free cadastral portal it is necessary to have cookies permitted; JavaScript permit is recommended for the use of all functions.

What procedure shall I follow if I want to see parcel identifiers in map view?
You should enter all necessary criteria (region, district, cadastral district). Then it is necessary to zoom in to a certain point. For doing this a symbol Zoom to the set point in the map . After setting and clicking on selected cadastral districts the Select map type... information is displayed for you. After the selection of the map type a graphic field of a vector cadastral map is displayed for you. You can move over the whole cadastral district using the command Map move .

Is it possible also to search for survey sketches (hereinafter referred to as GP) on the cadastral portal?
GP do not belong to public documents. Information about GP you can find at a competent district cadastral registry. GP is a technical background for legal acts.

Can I use ownership document printed from the Cadastral Portal for legal purposes?
Ownership documents obtained through Cadastral Portal cannot be used for legal purposes. They have only informative character, since the data is updated weekly.

In which way can I print the ownership document extract, when in the section Reports the Cadastral Portal designates the report as created or removed and it does not allow me to create a report and print it.
It is necessary to check whether you have the document browser in PDF format installed.

What data is registered in part C – encumbrance
In part C – encumbrance – there are registered real burdens, liens (designation of a lien creditor), pre-emption rights provided they have the effects of tenures, other rights if they have been agreed upon as tenures, and other data containing more detailed explanations regarding part C and the number of change, part C does not contain the data on the amount of debt.

In searching the property according to my wife's name, the Cadastral Portal has written for me notification as follows:
„Error, according to the entered data no owner has been found!“
What shall I do, when I know that she posses the property in question, because it is part of the tenancy by the entirety?

With the tenancy by the entirety the owner's record has the following form: „Sloboda Jozef a Mária, r. Sýkorová, ...“. This implies that in entering a selection criterion concerning women's ownership it is necessary to give the masculine form of a surname.

What does it mean that the parcel is not registered on the ownership document, when can I find out more detailed information about the parcel?
Legal relation to the lot (parcel) is registered in the cadastre of real estates or other document proving the title to real estate and data concerning the title can be found out at a local district cadastral registry.

Wrong data is given on the ownership document. How do I get the right data? What procedure shall l follow and which documents shall I submit if I had changed my name or address registered on the ownership document?
In case data discrepancy has been found the district cadastral registry shall correct the cadastre data on the basis of application in writing and the documents submitted to prove the correct data.
Anyone can submit a proposal for removing the wrong cadastre data and completing the incomplete cadastre data at any time.
Proposal is submitted by a party to the proceeding in writing and it includes mainly:
  1. Name (trade name) and legal residence of a submitter
  2. Name of a district cadastral registry the proposal is addressed to
  3. True description of material facts and marking of evidence
  4. Marking of enclosures
Documents necessary for changing the name or address are authenticated documents such as certificate of marriage, certificate of birth and identity card.

When creating a partial extract of ownership document, there are still encumbrance, titles of acquisition, notes and other data in part “C” from the whole ownership document in the report. What shall I do when I want to view only the data from a partial extract?
If the data of the file of descriptive data of cadastre of real estates displayed on the Cadastral Portal are not acknowledged by comparison with the data registered on the original ownership document, the former data are of informative character only. Until 2003, at district cadastral registries some entries have not been assigned to a particular real property or a particular owner or another authorized person, but to the whole ownership document. In such cases all non-assigned encumbrance, titles of acquisitions and notes are displayed also on a partial extract of a ownership document. The particular real property, owner or another authorized person to which the encumbrance, title of acquisition or note is related can be found out from the extract of a ownership document at the district cadastral registry, which shall be acknowledged by comparison with the original of ownership document. This can be used as a public document for legal acts.
In case data discrepancy has been found please inform a particular district cadastral registry in writing. On the basis of your request, the district cadastral registry will correct the cadastre data kept in digital form and it will acknowledge it by comparison with the original ownership document, which is kept in analogue form.

What is the onus?
The onus restricts the owner of the real property for the benefit of someone else so that the owner is obliged to permit something, to do something or to forbear from doing something. The onus arises through a written contract, on the basis of a testament, through an approved agreement of heirs, through the decision of a competent authority or by operation of law and it is terminated through a written contract, through a decision of a competent authority or by operation of law.

What is the seal?
The seal is marked on the ownership document or land registry and it signals that the right entered in the cadastre is affected by another legal change. The seal has a preventive effect. The district cadastral registry shall mark the seal not later than on the working day that follows the day when document such as contract, public document or another document has been delivered to be entered by contribution or by record, or, if cadastral proceeding on the correction of an error in cadastral documentation or the proceeding on the prosecutor's protest have started.

What is land register?
Land register serves as source of information on proprietary and other titles to real property and on the real property that is not registered in digital form in the information system of the cadastre of real estates. Land register is located only at the district cadastral registries.

What is evaluated soil-ecological unit?
Evaluated soil-ecological unit is the unit for determination of soil quality. Evaluated soil-ecological units are registered in the cadastre only after the renewal of the registration of some lots and legal relations thereto has been carried out, or after the land consolidation project has been entered. Evaluated soil-ecological units are registered in a file of geodetic data in a separate graphic file using the evaluated soil-ecological units boundaries circumference with the code indication.

What does the parcel of register C and parcel of register E mean?
Data on lots is divided into:
  1. Data on the parcels of register „C“ is registered on a cadastre map. The parcels' boundaries are distinct in the terrain.
  2. Data on the parcels of register „E“ are registered on the map of determined documentation, in the cadastral map the parcels are consolidated to bigger units or partitioned into several parcels, legal relations are established thereto and their boundaries in the terrain are indistinct.

Why if I enter the correct data - surname and date of birth - no ownership document is found?
For the reason of data incompleteness it is recommended to use only one search criterion, i.e. to enter only the date of birth or only the surname and first name of an owner. (The same problem may occur also with legal entity and therefore we recommend searching only through company registration number or only through the name of legal entity).

How is it possible that in the extract of ownership document (in the created report), in part A –Assets- no data emerges, or, as the case may be in another part of the ownership document not all data is displayed for me?
In the cadastral districts in which the proceeding on the renewal of land inventory and relevant legal relations has not been finished we can find the ownership documents as follows:
  1. the ownership documents that do not have assets (real property) given according to identifiers: parcel identifier, sort of a lot and its area, building registry number, but they are described only in textual form in the following way:
    • Lots in use by an organization (only on the basis of the received document – mostly decision on inheritance – lots in non-built-up areas were entered in this way-extract of such ownership document has to include, for legal acts, appendix in which lots are given according to the document, as well as the identification of the lots).
    • Real property entered in the document (the ownership document has been created on the basis of the received document in which the property was not described and identified properly)
    • Non-identical parcel (after new mapping it was found that the boundaries of newly measured lot were not identical with the boundaries of the lot to which the right of ownership was registered – a survey sketch is to be submitted in order to settle this)
  2. where co-ownership shares, titles of acquisition, owners' dates of birth, restrictions, buildings, etc. are not given. This is the case of a non-updated electronic form of ownership document, where the original ownership document in writing contains all necessary data and if the applicant asks for an extract of such ownership document for legal acts it is necessary to update this ownership document before it is issued.
Since the data is not complete, it is recommended to use only one search criterion, it means entering only the date of birth or only the surname and first name of owner. (The same problem may occur with legal entity and therefore we recommend searching only through company registration number or through the name of legal entity).

On my lot, in addition to a white boundary (on black background) is also a red line with a loop over the red line. What does it mean? What are my user rights to this part of a lot that is between the red line and the boundary of my lot?
A red line with a loop: e.g. a fracture in the terrain, a dry brook, the road shoulder are represented…In case that the building has not its parcel number – it is looped to the parcel on which it is located, the building is part of the parcel /the building and the parcel are united under one parcel number/. Owner's rights are not changed.

I would like to make an inquiry about whether it is possible to create e.g. a report as follows: on the ownership document there are about 50 parcels. However, I would like to print a report in which out of these 50 parcels e.g. 22 parcels could be selected.
On the website www.katasterportal.sk:
  • In part “Real Estate Data” the selection of real estates can be made from the list of parcels or from the list of constructions by entering selection condition (e.g. extent of parcel identifiers from-to).
  • In part “Search” by entering the real estate (a parcel, construction, apartment/non-flat space) an extract of ownership document for the real estate entered or an extract of land register is displayed, if legal relations for a parcel of register “C” are not registered in an ownership document.
  • Partial extract of an ownership document is generated for the real estate (a parcel, construction, apartment/non-flat space) and for an owner or other entitled person. On the partial extract of an ownership document for the real estate all legal relations to the entered real estate and all encumbrances registered on the ownership document will be displayed. On the partial extract of an ownership document for an owner or other entitled person all real estates and all encumbrances registered on the ownership document will be displayed.
This functionality is available only for registered users.

What is ROEP?
It is a register of regenerate land inventory. An approved register is a public record and it is one of background materials for the entry of legal relations and other data to original real estates and other real estates in the cadastre.
The subject of proceeding is:
  1. Lots, which are not recorded on an ownership document in the cadastre of real estate.
  2. Subject is also the lots recorded on an ownership document, if:
    1. lots have been acquired by prescription
    2. ownership right is registered on an ownership document only in a part- not to the whole lot (1/1)
    3. the lots are without geometric determination or position determination or without area, or change of determined documentation was made, or after the renewal of cadastral documentation by new mapping the parcels on an ownership document have not been renumbered
    4. The lots are not given in the assets of an ownership document, so-called dead or semi-dead ownership documents
  3. The lots which are located in military districts are not subjects of proceeding.

How often is the List of Undetermined Owners updated?
List of Undetermined Owners is generated from the cadastre of real estate data published via Cadastral portal.
Updating of cadastre of real estate data published via Cadastral portal is performed once a week.

I would like to know the precise width and length of the real estate in the cadastral district Biely Kostol, registered on the ownership document No. 626 – parcel No. 160/2 arable land of the area 3719 m2.
The information in question can be found only on a survey sketch or field sketch that is filed at a relevant district cadastral registry, if these have been created. In case a survey sketch or field sketch have not been created, it is necessary to do so.
Cadastral Portal function's application -“Measure Distance” - serves only for the rough measurement of distance on a map and it is not definite.

I would like to ask how could I find out the price of the m2 of arable land in the village Pružina cadastral district Pružina district Považská Bystrica?
In a cadastre of real estate there are registered data on the prices of agricultural and forest lots. Price of the lot is registered to a parcel in the file of the descriptive data of cadastre of real estate, if in the documents submitted for entry in the cadastre of real estate the price of real estate is given individually to each lot, which is subject to transfer. As a rule, price in the documents is given in total to all the lots that are subject to transfer. Price for individual lots cannot be calculated in percentage according to the area of a lot. Such calculated data does not guarantee liability and credibility of the price of an individual lot, it can distort the price considerably. In the transfer of a share, price is given in the document only to a share of the joint tenancy and it does not take account of the price of a whole lot.
If ROEP (register of regenerate land inventory) is executed in a cadastral district and entered in the cadastre of real estate, data on the price of real estate can be obtained as calculation of the price from the extract according to evaluated soil-ecological units (BPEJ). In case ROEP is not executed in a cadastral district and entered in the cadastre of real estate, BPEJ data will be provided by a relevant land department.

Agricultural enterprise asks identification of parcels by comparison of deeds from us, for making a land tenancy agreement. Can the identification be obtained through the Internet or is a personal visit to the cadastre necessary?
Identification of parcels by comparison of deeds (in written or graphic form) is executed at a competent district cadastral registry.

Is printing of a map window possible and if so in which way? I have not managed to do this so far.
A map window can be printed by a user directly in graphic part through a printer icon. The system will offer as option to adjust the map to match the paper format. Then after confirmation or cancellation of the option it will print the map.

It should not be necessary for surveyors to visit district cadastral registries to obtain information concerning the codes of the sorts of lots, which are displayed only when a report is created. Or with displaying the information about the sort of a lot also this five-digit code could be shown with verbal description about the sort of a lot?
Code of the sort of a lot:
02Arable land
07Permanent grassgrowth
10Forest lots
11Water areas
13Built-up area and courtyards
14Other areas

Codes of the legal relation party, codes of legal relation, codes of the manner of lot exploitation, codes of the kind of protected real estate, codes the kind of structure, codes of kind of premises, codes of non-housing premises, codes of common real estate, codes of lot location, codes of building location are an appendix of the Decree of the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of Slovak Republic No. 79/1996 Coll., by which the Act the Slovak National Council of Slovak Republic about the real estate cadastre and about entry of ownership rights to real estates (the Cadastral Act) in the wording of subsequent regulations is carried out.

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